hide beetle-Dermestes spp
small blue silverfish-Lepisma saccharina
woodlice spider-Dysdera crocata
American cockroach-Periplaneta americana
American spider beetle-Mezium americanum
firebrat-Thermobia domestica
For more pest information we suggest these locations:

Museum Pests IPM web site by the Pest Management Working Group A website developed by the members of the museum, preservation and pest control communities. Extensive information on line and home of the Museum Pests email list.

Insects Limited Good resource for supplies and control products not using toxic chemicals, information and technical help.
National Park Service IPM Manual Provides descriptions on the biology and management of 21 species of pests.

National Pest Management Association The NPMA's online resource center Online pest education

Association of American Pesticide Control Officials Various documents and information for pest control officers.

Beyond Pesticides Information from the National coalition against the misuse of pesticides.