hide beetle-Dermestes spp
small blue silverfish-Lepisma saccharina
woodlice spider-Dysdera crocata
American cockroach-Periplaneta americana
American spider beetle-Mezium americanum
firebrat-Thermobia domestica

A Complete Online Pest Tracking Program for Museums, Libraries, Archives, Historical Institutions and Societies and Galleries.

ANNOUNCEMENT - Although it may sound like we are shooting ourselves in the foot - we have realized that CollectionPests is a very extensive program that far exceeds what is needed for a comprehensive integrated pest management program. We also understood that our original Zpest program was outdated and lacked some pieces needed for ipm.

Too answer this we have created a new system to fit the needs of those that neither of our older programs fit. Zpest Tracker is a system that follows the IPM Working Group guidelines ( of what information is tracked along with some of the additional features. You can review and demo it at

Please review both and choose the option that best suites your needs. has everything your institution needs to track, maintain and report the status of your pest trap history and sightings:

  • User friendly entry and edit screens
  • Tools for graphing and reporting,
  • Mapping your traps and sightings within and around your institution, and
  • Tools for importing and exporting your information based on date ranges, pest criteria, trap criteria and more.

. was created by Zak Software, a contributor to the groundbreaking work of the Integrated Pest Management Working Group .
builds on Zak Software’s Zpest program, adding even more features and capabilities.

Subscribe to for $30 per month.

SAVE 10% with an annual subscription, $324 per year.

Cloud computing includes - free updates.

NEW!!! - The Collection Pests Reference App - Available for Android (iPhone/ iPad in the works) - use this qrCode or download at the Android Market CLICK ME!

We have a list of the 28 most popular collection pests with images and information. The images are zoom enabled - see a book lice 3" wide!!!!